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One day in the middle of the desert a man's car breaks down. He sees a gas station about 5 minutes away, so he pushes his car to the gas station. Six hours and lots of money later, the man's car is fixed, but night is falling. The man asks the mechanic, "Hey, where is the nearest hotel?" The mechanic replies, "No hotel here, but about 100 miles down the road you'll see there's a room under the cactus there. But what ever you do don't touch the big pink gorilla." The man drives to the cactus. He opens a door and shuts it behind him, finds another door and shuts it behind him, then he finds a third door and shuts it behind him. Lo and behold he sees a big pink gorilla in the room. The gorilla is docile and looks so cute and soft he's dying to touch it. He can't help himself. He walks over to the cage and starts trying to touch him through the bars. As soon as the man lays a finger on him, the big pink gorilla freaks out. He beats his chest and rips his cage door clean off. The man runs for his life. He opens the first door, slams it behind him. Opens the second door, slams it behind him. The man hear a crash as he opens the third door and slams it behind him. The man hears a roar. He runs to the car, opens the door and shuts it. He locks all the doors and starts the car, as he sees the big pink gorilla racing towards him. The big pink gorilla rips the car door off his car.The man thinks he's going to faint. The gorilla pokes the guy and says, "Tag you're it!"